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You can specifications fire if you want to

If I tell you that dessert is better than pie, and you take that and choose that from now on, you'll only eat dessert, does that make dessert better? How do you know? Pie is still pretty rattling delicious. Pie does some lovely AOE damage. But nobody loves you, because every person's already converted to dessert. They don't really like dessert. Cake's too simple, tedious. But they have to eat dessert, because the current groupthink has announced dessert best.

Well, I still like pie. I'm excellent at pie. Pie performs for me.

The figures are still near enough that you can specifications fire if you want to. If your raid innovator has a problem with that, yell "I LIKE PIE" over Release. It'll be fun.

Strictly talking about, fire's a very near second to arcane in raw DPS figures on most fights. It's far and away the best specifications for movement-based Guild Wars 2 Gold and fights with several destroy objectives. And it's still the only specifications with Pyroblast.

The main nuke decision

There are two main nukes that perform pretty well with fire: Fireball and Frostfire Secure. They both do basically equivalent preliminary damage, they both price the same quantity of mana, and they both need one time interval to toss. Frostfire Secure also contributes a 40% decreasing impact, which doesn't help unless you're using it on something that is susceptible to snares.

Fireball's glyph contributes a 5% crit opportunity improve, which is a very essential reward for a fire mage. Frostfire Bolt's glyph eliminates the decreasing impact but contributes a relatively minimal DOT impact that can collection up to three periods and improves the preliminary damage of the miracle by a flat 15%. That's a pretty strong fan. The latest semi-fix for the problem of Spark eating, preventing Spark from initiating on DOT crits, has reduced the problem this glyph used to cause, where damage was dropping because Spark was initiating on minimal DOT clicks and "munching" other, possibly larger Lights. The distinction now between these two nukes is so minimal that you really can rationalize using either.