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You can experience the following boosts

Join causes, issue purchases and perform together with these heroes, taking battle from the fishing platform where it all started to the slimy home of the sea slugs. Infiltrate the lately appeared Slug Citadel, and come experience to cope with with Witchaven’s terrible puppeteer.

If you can successfully achieve resolution in this, the last pursuit in the Sea Slug sequence, you’ll get entry to Buy MapleStory Mesos a rise in limited rounds storage within Daemonheim... as well as the XP, of course.
Lineage II players will appreciate the Player Appreciation Week from September 6th to Thirteenth.

All weeks time lengthy, you can experience the following boosts:

Free Gatekeeper Teleports
Raid Boss Respawn Time Reduced by 50%
No XP Reduction on Death
Double XP/SP
Double Drop/Spoil
Also, the new compensate NPC Angel Cat will be in city during this weeks time, providing 1 personality on every activity consideration 4 fan potions! The fan products are known as Angel Pet's Advantage, and they offer you with the following statistics boost: HP Recovery Bonus, Max MP, and Critical Atk. Amount +20%, and you can experience the repercussions of Prediction of Water, Might, Rush, Encourage, Acument, Wind Walk, Vampiric Rage, Berserker Spirit, Shield, Focus, Death Say, Guidance, Clearness, Wild Magic, and Concentration for 1 time.

The Angel Pet's Advantage fan products do not end and you can keep them provided that you want and use them when you want. They cannot be exchanged, decreased, marketed, damaged, nor shared via Dimensional Merchant. As only 1 personality per activity consideration can get these 4 fan products (Angel Cat will offer all 4 to you at the same time), please choose 1 personality carefully!