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We've had a little bit of cross-over

We understand your products are non-toxic, vegetarian and Earth-friendly, is that right?

Eldredge: We both did a lot of research about the various different substances in the remedies, to select what we desired to consist of in our products. Every component had it's benefits and drawbacks considered to select if it's benefits were what we desired. The first two to three several weeks of company was invested doing a lot of analysis to get our system and angles down. We try to avoid using too many nonorganic substances in our cosmetics, as well as maintaining it totally vegetarian.

Are Dork Girl Makeup marketed specifically to geek and game enjoying sites? Is there much cross-over with the non-geek world?

Eldredge: We've had a little bit of cross-over, but the large of marketing for the website has been in the geek/gaming group. I think you'll be seeing us phase out of that box later on for sure, though.

Margarella: We've tried some marketing to non geek and game enjoying websites, but the response is much more powerful in the geek group ... and appropriately so.

Have you run into any trademark hurdles with the game-specific styles for your products?

Eldredge: I wouldn't say we've hit hurdles, per se.Guild Wars 2 Gold It's definitely been a process to keep from traversing into that area. We've done comprehensive research into the legal issues of it and have thus far been able to pay respect to our preferred activities without infringing on the copyrights associated with them.