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We sincerely appreciate all of your assistance for Angels Online.

As New Year is around the corner, our Angels Online team is preparing mystic presents for all of our little angels. Those players who are above stage 10 and who log into the experience during the interval from 0:00 am Jan. 1st 2008 to 0:00 am, Jan.8th 2008, open your bag, you can find 4 surprising presents given by the formal. Please make sure that you have enough WOW Gold in your bag to hold them!


We sincerely appreciate all of your assistance for Angels Online. The awesome achievements of the experience is totally down to the tireless assistance you have given us.  Hopefully our presents can go some way to express our gratitude.  So here's looking forwards to a New Year in the position of Eden and many more exciting adventures!


Four groups are available for players in Angels Online to choose from. Players can discuss to the Angel Tutor to graduate from the Angel Lyceum after they've obtained enough attributes. After the graduation, players will have to decide on a faction and agree to the primary missions from that faction.

Iron Adventure is located in the northeast of Eden. It is a firm castle standing great on a wasteland wilderness of pale yellow sand, where even only one blade of grass would experience lonely. It is a high-tech building because of its great protection and strike capabilities designed by the super engineers who stay there.

Working machines which guarantee the regular operation of the town can be discovered everywhere in this square castle. This monstrous castle contains three floors, with the end one being the primary workspace for scientists to Buy MapleStory Mesos research the technical breakthroughs. Common players are not allowed to pass through there, it is barred to anyone who has not gained the highest honors from the Steel Adventure.