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To the Delano Peak on the most Gujue forests

He was pressured returning, phase, phase, followed by the rapid slip Once again, his hearing was presented to the yells of females, along with the inexpensive guide insults and get fun, pet individuals enjoy, indulge them in their achievements, raised his go, Nubo Dayton aimed at the sources of noise: in the top of the height, prominent in the mountain hurdle of the coves above the Barrier Hills, Delaney Orr established multi-platform, there is the Orc in the personal the inadequate woman Draenei place. But how? He only one individual, one lame, to cope with thousands of orcs? He has been discontinued by the Mild, only only a sort, how to quit the above record of crazy? He anxiously in our systems in the spider, stumble by inexpensive guide fluids, the rubbish odor of something deep and raw row aside.


 his first variety along the external slums, the base of straight coves, built into the wall along the mountain, He will see a way to ascend there, he will inexpensive guide Screams ceased. He seemed up and saw the night of the heavenly satellite light, they are holding a set observation factors of our systems to a corner, thrown toss non-living corpses that sit on top of the hill looking Nubo Dayton scorched world, they are the same with no changes in the last Since he approved the lengthy trek out here? Five years? Six years? When he and others discover Krokul beginning a new camping, known as for the last Krokul, Nubo Dayton very upset, very inadequate, very sad. He was permitted in the direction has been forward to the furthest place he always inexpensive guide Zangarmarsh border, mountain travellers, but found only the "uninfected" Delaney camping, those locations and now they terms are unacceptable.


So he ventured forward in the key temperature, to the Delano Peak on the most Gujue forests, this forests of hate and genocide in the orc before activity, was a heavy natrual enviroment, it is under the Warlock's miracle into turned forests. Orcs are now at least very little problems, though hungry orc soldiers are still patrolling here, kill all of inexpensive guide Delaney all visible, but Orcs fewer number: Many of these green-skinned After several years ago through that entrance, no more come returning. So Nubo Gordon observed his individuals somewhere in the swamps of the establishment of a new town. Nubo Dayton and others ongoing mutation, who did not grow a lot of unique factors, places, warts, and complete of weird types of their individual body. Their shoes, this is the most associate functions Delaney.