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There are so many people out there

How are you planning to address interaction issues in both circumstances and start world RvR play?

When asking the query, I referenced the Battlefield sequence which creates use of quick-choice purchases and phrases that help in communication).

Jeff informed me that placing in RvR Strategic Messaging or Strategic Commands is something that they have been considering. He actually informed me that this WOW Gold is greater up on his record of factors you can do (which he informed me are actually on a bright panel in his office) than the speech talk that we stated earlier.

“We discuss a lot of different methods of doing that, whether we provide it with to everybody or we provide it with to warband control, or you generate it and have to find it. We discuss all sorts of different things. We discuss factors like quick talk alternatives like you are referring to. We discuss being able to position waypoints on your map so other players can see them… We discuss a lot of factors.”

“Will we ever do that? I do not know. I think it’s fairly essential for our activity, seeing as how it’s centered around RvR and interaction in RvR is just challenging sometimes. It’s so frantic and there are so many people out there.”

“So,” he said to conclude the query, “the response to your query is yes. It’s something we’ve been considering for a while. It’s just not one of those Guild Wars Gold that developed it in.”