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There are a lot of players shouted

However, there are a lot of players shouted, " Myth & Characters display was plagiaries World of warcraft, which Myth & Heroe3 primary designer expressed his view: we are not scared to be said plagiarism, the picture of World of warcraft can be said to be the market benchmark, we did what WOW have and some we have Realm of WOW also not have. We believe this is enough to entice players get rid of inexpensive guide for their enjoying.

From the players’ perspective, Myth & Characters display has a lot of similarities with Realm of World of warcraft. The whole map has no LOADING. Motion blur, heat disturbance of a Thousand Faces modeling, independent of bone and so on.  This designed people cannot help to have some doubts. This is not is the China version WOW. However what was happening? The wow in China market is still capture the top place. And they have drawn many players to buy inexpensive guide for wow for decades. Myth & Characters wish to defeat it.

RS, a activity title designed by Jagex ltd own the English version. So the experience was designed for Western players. And also some Japan players are enjoying it, especially in Hong Kong, the players are over 1,000. And they also buy RS guide for the enjoying like the Western players.

The only problem is that the experience is a JAVA website activity. If the computer of players did not install in before, the experience will remind you install it before enjoying it. Even though, the experience was also accepted by more and more players. In Western market, the variety of players can surpass WOW arrive at to 13 thousand simultaneously. So the advertising of Guild Wars 2 Gold is very well for decades.