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The Sun King's Girdle.

The Parents of Hyjal should be your next focus, as they're going to allow you our new arcanum (helm enchant). Nothing else from them is useful, so you can quit crushing that rep once you arrive at recognized. If you quested all the way through Hyjal, you should be recognized without having to run any dungeons while wearing their Guild Wars 2 Gold. The Ramkahen of Uldum have several fantastic products available beginning at recognized, such as the Drystone Greaves and Ammunae's Advantage ring. Boots are a particularly unusual product for us, so be sure to catch these when you can. While the recognized level is vacant for pally, the Ramkahen have an amazing buckle available at exalted, the Sun King's Girdle.

If you did any questing in Deepholm while stabilizing, you should already be recognized with Therazane. They're the Cataclysm comparative of the Kids of Hodir and allow neck enchants at recognized and exalted popularity stages. They also have an outstanding ring available at recognized, although that's really all they have in the way of benefits. Scribes can pretty much neglect this faction entirely, although the relax of us will be operating our way to exalted after we've obtained the equipment from most of the other important groups.

Finally, the Dragonmaw Group (and Partnership equivalent) has but only one product available for us, at exalted, and it's only a pendant. They're definitely the last faction you'll want to perform on.