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The sky is really the limit

The sky is really the limit, isn't it? There's a hard line to talk about sometimes, especially when you're dealing with multimillion-dollar companies on the one side and an emotional connection to a fantasy world on the other. We want to believe that it's about us and not about the money and the deals and the profit sharing and the contracts. The best way, and I believe the most successful way, that Blizzard reminds us that even though it makes some good money off licensing its property is that it is picking quality people to license it to.

 One of my favorite Blizzard campaigns, and one that I haven't seen in a while, was the Mountain Dew advertising campaign. WoW players could pick up different Horde- and Alliance-themed flavors of the soft drink and download fuel once a day for the non-combat pet, the Battle-Bot. Nowadays, you can't get the fuel or the bot anymore. So many little toys lie in disrepair and sadness, their little servos slowly spinning down into irrelevance. There is a wealth of opportunity for more promotional and licensing tie-ins with tabards, pets, mounts, and other purely cosmetic items that don't have to be gaudy ad-grabs. Blizzard has shown that it can already come up with a fun way of tying it all together.