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The other DPS's mana regrowth

Warlocks aren't even fantastic in 2v2 presently (and 2v2 is probably the PvP industry where Strain Mana really shines), so I don't comprehend why Strain Mana is "causing issues." If the issue is 2v2 to start with, the response is to empty mana faster so activities don't take as lengthy, not absolutely eliminate a way to oom a healbot. It seems very in reverse.

Blizzard has repaired inadequate warlock design before it has hit remain places in the last. Some of you might keep in thoughts the fantastic Lifestyle Tap nerf of Anger of the Lich Master try out. Lifestyle Tap cost something like four periods as much wellness as it currently does and only came back 50 percent the mana. This was a very, very inadequate option on Blizzard's element -- power source methods shouldn't be a pressure to the gamer, and warlocks probably already had the toughest power source auto mechanic in the experience.

Moreover, if I remember correctly, ranked battlegrounds were predicted to be the focus of Cataclysm PvP stability. If you're launching Strain Mana in battlegrounds, you're probably doing it very, very incorrect.

Draining enemy DPS

If depleting reverse DPS is a issue, that's a issue with the other DPS's mana regrowth, not Strain Mana. I've been suggesting for decades for huge mana lovers for DPS mana customers like darkness clergymen, mages, boomkins, etc. They should hardly ever (if ever) run out of mana. OOMing reverse healers is necessary to win many field matches; not being able to DPS is definitely ridiculous.