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The new concept of the reel activity

guide is well-known all over the globe, mainly because it has its own exclusive characteristics, in the face of this six big characteristic, can't you heartbeat? You can 't itch to try?

1、The new concept of the reel activity, exclusive to the uncommon adventures

guide constant throughout the encounter in 2D, which is used along with other Q-2D edition of the encounter different side-scrolling fashion mobile. Playing the style of fantastic level, the whole picture of upcoming (game player activity area), a static background, activity 3 level style, not only make new styles and has a amazing feeling of actual aspect.

2、Colored map, in different scenes touring Adventure

Full of story picture of style, with clean and amazing music, shiny shades soft collocation, against the long run is a definitely different style of execute.                                                                                     
3、Regression of key pad function joy, the procedure is simple to learn

guide function is very simple, not have to modify in a very esay to use, Completely important factors to control nature, climbing, getting, running, hit animals, picking the booty.

4、set of custom tasks, then you keep the encounter enough to wave style

guide to allow players of role-playing activity degrees of freedom is very fantastic, attaining You can dress your character, even the headline of the display also has the feature