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The Heretic is a Dark Priest/Evil Cleric.

Reaver  Reavers are several Necromancer/Fighters with chain armour and a extensive variety of Albion tool capabilities. They are the fighting category that defends Arawn, master of the underworld.

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This category is only available to Surrounded Islands customers.  

Sorcerer  A spellcaster that concentrates on the management and destruction of Individual body, Issue and Mind- They get enchanting indicates, Direct Damage, Damage over Time and may also energy a pet to submit to their will.

Theurgist  Elementalist spellcasters who utilize the energy of Air, Ice and World and shape them into indicates able of calling forth elemental animals to aid them in battle.

Wizard  Elementalist spellcasters who can understand the element of Flame, Magicians have very potent offensive magic harm.

Heretic  The Heretic is a Dark Priest/Evil Cleric. They are compounds who can use flexible weaponry, but are restricted to cloth armour and little protects. They have the capability to cure, fan, use concentrate harm indicates, revive realmmates into badly turned animals and more.

There's an upcoming double-experience few days starting this Saturday, the Aion group has informed the group that these

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  times of wonder may be short-lived, with these unique saturdays and sundays becoming a more rare occurence later on.