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The game is still competing for the first place

World of Warcraft players have a brand new expanded piece of lore to enjoy: The legendary weapon, Shadowmourne. Find out more about Shadowmourne below:

As the Lich King continues his dark work inside the halls of Icecrown Citadel, the warriors and smiths of the Ashen Verdict scramble to Buy MapleStory Mesos forge a weapon capable of defeating the Scourge. To aid the Verdict in its cause, you'll need to follow in Arthas's footsteps, gambling with your very soul to gather the materials that will create the legendary axe Shadowmourne.

The game is still competing for the first place as a massive multiplayer game since its expansion in 2007. The players are entering in it from all over the world and their affiliation is increasing. The strange worlds of human with orcs, undead and the dwarfs as well other races etc. The fantasy to be the ruler of the world by having the strongest hero and by killing the rivals building strong armies claiming land everything just looks like a fantasy.

The revelations from the prophecies and the sudden appearance of clan from some far away land in south to save your clan on the battle ground. The alliance with the humans has been broken due their trespassing within the forbidden land of orcs. The game has a very much to offer if you like strategy and games with less Guild Wars Gold interactivity to external environment in doing things. Rather having more hold in your own hand to take the men in the battle field you like.