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The caps give expertise increases

So what's up with these doubloons that the cutthroat buccaneers drop? Like I said, this occasion is like the Mabar occasion, only bigger and better. Euphonia is clinging out at the entrance of Smuggler's Rest with a barter box. A peek within shows an enormous record of weaponry, shield, ornaments, jewellery, and more for business. Preserve the doubloons and thieved jewelry that you get from eliminating cutthroat buccaneers to business for and update these products.

Speaking of products, what about that buccaneer hat? Turbine is offering everyone a buccaneer hat, and the statistics vary depending and how often you've been enjoying. The buccaneer hat is a 100 % free item for everyone -- just get it from Euphonia's hatbox -- and commitment is definitely compensated in this situation.

The caps give expertise increases, recover the money increases, and of course, a scrambling appearance, so make a trip to the hatbox your first priority. Once the big occasion is revealed, the hat gives benefits there too.
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