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Such layoff does not impact the Blizzard activity itself

The Blizzard future
In reality in terms of earnings face last season, loss of the wide range of "World of Warcraft" is the factor that, even in the Brazil industry, and also failed to prevent the loss of last seasons loss of 1.8 thousand players, a 12 months if the monthly fee of $ 15 to determine the that the substantial failures plus package World of warcraft throughout the season to send D3, the activities, on aspect of this seasons D3, the first revenue of at least 1 thousand less to pay out because of several performs, the other in the specific organization Activision than Blizzard more stunning success, natural Blizzard will have stress from all sides.

Such layoff does not impact the Blizzard activity itself, these 600 people can be said that because of the "World of Warcraft" earnings reduce designed the scapegoat, however, seven decades of World of warcraft the globe "even keep existing a new item of information, the durability to recovery I believe it is limited, even if the wide range of reflux it is challenging to a new great.

Diablo III and the following interplanetary item of information still will have a certain advantage, but the actual test of the Blizzard will be the lengthy run of gambling in an undisclosed "Titan programs, otherwise the old with the" World of World of warcraft retrenchments will not be the before, and could even cause to the end of the Blizzard offshore division functions. Blizzard's upcoming still in the arms of this runaway the cuts in R & D models.

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