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Representing the organization

Advising organizations on conformity of lawful and procedural aspects, particularly under various acts like SEBI Act, Intellectual Property Rights, Labour and Commercial Laws, establishing up of subsidiary forums, drafting of lawful records, etc.

Representing the organization or other individuals before the Company Law Board, Nationwide Company Tribunal, etc.

. A organization assistant would have to sustain the information of the organization properly, record in the primary moments publication, contact events like the panel events or the common human body events, handle issues relevant to initial group promotions (IPOs) and group problems.

A organization assistant needs to have very excellent Communications abilities, excellent command over English, analytical mind and ability to explain factors to the administrators and decision takers in the organization. Job prospects for Company Secretary are quite excellent and the chance of development is also there. Remunerations offered are really excellent for organization secretaries with salaries beginning from Rs. 20,000 per month.


Qualified organization secretaries can discover well compensated positions in the private industry and group corporate industry, financial organizations and loan companies, inventory marketplaces, the Department of Company Affairs, organization law forums and government divisions. The bigger the organization and the wider its field activity, the better the emoluments earned by the CS. private
consultancy jobs are a very lucrative option.

Liberalization and globalization have a massive increase to corporate activity and along with it the openings for organization secretaries increase. In the present age of mergers, acquisitions, and tie ups this occupation looks ahead to wealthy dividends.