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Perhaps something refined and elegant

It is with fantastic delight that I current to you the newest inclusions in my Common Store – and what a treat we have! There are ten fantastic hair-styles for females, as well as eight smart cuts and two places of experience facial beard for men, presenting designs from across Gielinor.guide.
Firstly, one for the ladies with the Tribe Braids. This very unusual hair design is believed to have originated from the earliest daughters of nomad chieftains in the Second Age, and comes stuffed with down and colors of your choice.

Perhaps something refined and elegant? The Plant of Lletya might be for you, madam. A mid-length curly hair design, ornamented with a flower freshly picked from the gardens of Lletya - said never to wilt!

For the guys, we start with the Raise Trap: a very well-known hair design among our more youthful clients, requiring interest to details and fantastic hair gel.

Alternatively, we have the newest style trend from Piscatoris, the Falcon Pull, a two-toned set of brief cornrows, available in many colors.

If none of the above enthuses, then mayhap this fantastic facial beard is for you, sir! This Award-Winning Beard, ornamented with a medallion, obtained the guideen Comb at the Keldagrim Beard Awards, Season 169.

These and a variety of other fantastic hair-styles are now available, so please explore at your leisure!

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