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Magic Claw over Miracle Bolt

The purpose why you only put 5 in MP Restoration first is because it is essential, but not as essential as maxing your mp, a wizard without mp is like warrior without hp. Mages need mp to endure and throw means.

This 1st Job mmolive.com guide maybe the most unorthodox one you have ever seen. Yes it is but IT REALLY WORKS! If it doesn??t perform well, please get in touch with me.

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Magic Claw over Miracle Bolt:
Magic pull has more constant harm, even though it only strikes 40, which is only 15 power reduced, it strikes TWO periods. Rather than a huge hit and a poor hit after, magic pull is more efficient and it goes through surfaces, while secure doesn't.
Magic Protected over Miracle Armor:
Magic guard is amount centered, that indicates that you are getting harm that is relevant to the devastation. For example if a beast offers 1000 dmg to you, magic guard at maxed level prevents 80% of the devastation worked to you, and so you take only 200 harm and 800 harm to your mp. Being a mage, you have a many of mp and really low quality hp, so maxing this out is a life-saver. If you max magic shield, you are messing yourself over because it only gives you 20 magic protection, which might seem a lot, but as you level more, that 20 protection isn't going to help. For example you have 300 hp and you are worked 400 harm, it only offers 380 harm to you, but you might have been deceased. Also magic shield only gives tool protection, when you are battling expert chronos or anything that can capture from far away, it offers regular harm to you, the hit doesn't gets reduced and so you will die quicker then a one who has magic guard.