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Incoming Healer Changes -- Nethaera

Power Word: Shield will still have its time and place and as always. We want it to be used often, we just don't want it used to the exclusion of all other abilities. We'll keep an eye on how things play out once the change is applied too.

Incoming Healer Changes -- Nethaera
We want people using Power Word: Shield. As others have pointed out, it's something Discipline priests do well (Damage Mitigation) and Guild Wars 2 Gold took awhile before more people began to believe that (remember those days?). Damage Mitigation will still happen and is still important even with this change, it's just not going to be the ONLY thing that the Discipline spec is going to be using to keep their groups and Raids up. There will be heals as well. Also, in Raids, there will be more than a Discipline priest supporting the raid. So knowing the best use of your abilities in that situation is key and playing off of the strengths of other healers will be as essential as it has always been.


Overall, the changes seemed to be appropriate, and were already in effect by raid time.

The aftermath of the changes

I went into my Wednesday raid expecting very little impact from the hotfix on my playstyle. Surely a shield on the tanks and other players who needed saving or were taking incoming raid damage was appropriate play, but I was shocked to see it wasn't. Any attempt I made to blanket shields for upcoming bursts of damage was crippling to my mana pool, even after I readjusted the timing on my cooldown usage and negotiated an Innervate.