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I believe the fact about the VW.

A side-effect of those problems is that Holy paladins and Resto shamans wonder what their part in the encounter is. But we think that's a impact of the real problem. (Source)

 Warlock (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9095))
Warlock issues
Burst damage was over the top at 70 in 3.0.2 and 3.0.3. We need to see what it's like at 80 because all sessions get a lot more protecting statistics on their PvP devices.

Dispels are something we want to look at overall. If we think that any kind of new program is going to take a while to get into position, we'll look at individual capabilities.

I believe the fact about the VW. It's a begin, but it has a lengthy way to go to encounter like a realistic PvP pet yet. (Source)
well. let's see in game

Making treatment more like Rogue/DPS Class playstyle ?
Yes, that's the kind of factor we're considering. Rogues can't just junk one ability (most of the time) because their program is set up to where they want to use one kind of ability then change to another kind. Or to use a different example, Snow mages want to get gets frozen and then Ice Puncture (in PvP anyway).

We've done a little bit of that with treatment. There are clearcasts or details you can use on cooldown to make your next cure fast or totally free or big or whatever. But we think we can do a lot more with it.