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Hypnotic Dirt is not on the drop table for a destroyed crystal

The industry for Incredible Shards is a little odd. In scenario you've neglected, you can make one from 16 Elementium Ore and 8 Obsidium Ore. Despite this being "common" information, the price for these wonderful pads has a continually high benefit advantage. Maybe it's because of how lengthy and frustrating it is to convert ore into shards, or maybe it's because of the huge amount taken by the popular enchants this development.

Notably absent

Hypnotic Dirt is not on the drop table for a destroyed crystal, even though last development, we were able to get dusts off from a Guild Wars 2 Gold. This is a best aspect because right now, the rate that wonderful materials are created in seems to be a little out of stability with the need for enchants.

Heavenlies are a crammed factor, and until chain-runnable heroics and hard-nerfed T11 material began producing them in tremendous amount, Maelstroms were another crammed factor. At no factor has dust been one, though. Many enchanter/jewelcrafters still have a large number of loads decaying in the mail boxes of alts because of how effective the jewelcrafting mix up was before the nerf to the source price of green-quality gemstones.

Right now, the rate that wonderful pads are used in does not go with the rate they're created in. And since it's not complicated to acquire the impressive Maelstroms for about the price of the red Heavenlies, placing a one-way conversion in place that will power their rate to 1:2 is practical.