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his amulet would be helpful for both the PVP and PVE

It is a while we have not responded to the reviews from clients concerns. We are always keeping an eye on the reviews aspect actually. We have created several changes according to our customer reviews. MapleStory Mesos  This time, we would like to answer the hot concerns in reviews.

Weapon Recommendation: It is real that we have not suggest tool and items in the details aspect. As PVP is near, we think there would be an excellent modify in tool options. If you have read our details aspect, you would find out that we have suggested the PVP tool statistics in our details aspect for Barbarian, Demon Hunter and Monk. As to the PVE items, now we would suggest an Amulet for Monk.

Royalty Amulet recommendation: This amulet would be helpful for both the PVP and PVE. High crucial hit harm, crucial ht opportunity and excellent skill are always the three statistics we pursuit in PVE. And the 77 Level of capability to resist al elements is especially essential in PVP. PVP attacker is much complicated than the PVE opponents. Only with excellent all resistance and shield, you can take a position the destruction without one-shot loss of life. If you would add 9% Life statistic in this amulet, the price would be much greater at 244USD. Without the lifestyle statistics, the price is 15.95USD. If your lifestyle is around 40K, there is no need to spend so much on that individual statistic.