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Here's how you get that security done.

Without your security, your healbot will soon be suffering from life as a oily identify of ex-character. This is bad. First, that healer's your group participant. Offer guide Second, that healbot is your own best chance of success, since you need treatment. If you want treatment, protect your healbot. Simple things.

As a typical idea, I'd place defending your healbot among any Battleground's maximum main concerns. You can't let the security get in the way of factors like capturing the banner, but by the same symbol, you probably won't catch said RS Gold without your healbot.

Here's how you get that security done.

Set the healbot as your focus

While concentrate focusing on is usually the region of viewers management and Area techniques, I actually set my healbot as my concentrate concentrate on in the Area. It achieves several factors.

    * It keeps me always aware of my healbot. That attention results in better security naturally.
    * It banners the healbot on my minimap. I can't get to them if I don't know where they are.
    * It allows me to see their fans and debuffs. If the healbot has a mile-long history of toxins, I can believe she is getting hopped by a criminal.
    * It allows me choose them more easily. I have bandages and off-heals. Having my healers as my concentrate concentrate on allows me to concentrate on the healbot easily to area those bandages in where.

Stick close by the healer

If you don't have a highly effective purpose to be somewhere else, stay near your healbot. Sure, if you have the banner, then you've got somewhere else to be. But if you don't need to be creeping up a banner carrier's dress or trying to lay devastation on the attacker FC, your home is next to your healbot.