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Here's a preview of some items you'll be finding!

Store It, Sell It or Fix It in More Places!
With Game Update 43, there are some new Cheap RS Gold across the major cities! There are new bankers, brokers as well as menders employed in more parts of Qeynos as well as Freeport to help you.

Changes to the Ironforge Exchange in Qeynos!
The Ironforge Exchange of Qeynos has taken advantage of the recent bell, broker, banker and mender additions to Qeynos to acquire the struggling business of Fhara's Furnishings in North Qeynos, and has refurbished this building to be their new headquarters!

If you're an "old school" tradeskiller and the newly renovated tradeskill space isn't comfortable, the basement is still available and ready for your use.For Our Tradeskilling Adventurers Froglok Adventurers!Our Froglok adventurers that wish to show off their many sets of acquired armors will be happy to know that in Game Update 43, you will get WOW Gold of your size and shape!Also, there are faction tradeskill items coming! For those with good Riliss, Bathezid and Danak factions, here's a preview of some items you'll be finding!