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Here is how Rosenrot pulled it off

Heat got you down? Possess a situation with the midsummer doldrums? Often, it can be fantastic to start out your week with some thing somewhat, err, unique. Cue this weeks Runescape project, combining the runes of Frostmourne plus the power from the Lich King with My Tiny Pony. Should you are all of a sudden humming "one of these things is not like the other," we would suspect you have perked up and are catching on fast about cheap WOW Gold. That is the reaction we suspect most people have when confronted by the frosty terror of My Lich King Pony from Rosenrot of Nazgrel-US. "I love crafting and runescape," Rosenrot writes, "and when I was a bit girl, I loved My Tiny Pony. I wanted to combine my past and current loves into one really cool project about runescape guide!"

Here is how Rosenrot pulled it off: "It started out as a white pony with purple hair. I ripped out the hair and scrubbed off the paint about cheap runescape guide. Then I dyed the pony with fabric dye. The eyes and the Frostmourne runes are painted on with acrylic paint. "The spike on the ponys face is steel labret jewelry about cheap runescape guide. For the saddle, I made chain mail out of small jump rings and added skull charms. The saddle is permanently attached with wire."

Click into our My Lich King Pony gallery, below, to see more views with the small guy. We will leave you with the immortal words of Cookie Monster – we figure you happen to be ready for a few cookies after all this sweetness!

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