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Anything's better than a do it again of the frustration

More information to come, but I think it's secure to believe that, like Wonder of the Idol, this is going to be fairly time-intensive (and PUG-unfriendly) meta. Once statistics, masteries, capabilities and overall category style become a little more constant on the try out, I'll see what I can do to set up books on the dungeon success.

Glory of the Cataclysm Raider This is just like the Icecrown Citadel success in that the brave edition of most administrator fights will be required for the meta, moreover to success that will possibly be simpler to finish on the frequent Guild Wars 2 Gold. I'm not sure how I experience about that. The Icecrown frostwyrms were a logistical frustration for guild control who had to manage players requiring the heroics against players who still required the "regular" success. Any new or source raiders who came in just re-booted the issue.

Then again, anything's better than a do it again of the frustration that was Underworld ...


Many of the new careers success are foreseeable, as the new expertise cap is 525, so Blizzard's basically damaged up the specifications for success granted for maxed-out careers. From what I can see, the new improvements are not currently required for the meta-achievements (Hail to the Main prepare and Achieved Angler), so anyone who still needs to get this done will only have to fear about material through Northrend.