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"End of Nations" primary large-scale battle

Now, Luoxian impact in an established digital sports club, life's primary material is the exercising and competitors. Get up at 6:00 every day, 10 pm to sleep in the center of enough time is exercising. Soon, WCG (World Online Games) will start, and he is actively planning for war. Salary plus prize cash, Luoxian annual WOW Goldabout 100 000 expert players in the digital activities in the center, he said, the primary earnings will keep up, do not invest money

According to formal reviews, the first analyze will be start to a large-scale map, players can register through the formal web page of the formal channels, as well as on Facebook and Tweets on the latest activities performed to acquire the initial value. The charts in the projects are exciting for players have fun with the fun. In this way, many players buy jewelry for rift have fun with the encounter just because of this.


"End of Nations" primary large-scale battle, is a "crack" and a extensive range of former Westwood developers TrionWorlds composed of team from Petroglyph Games exactly like Red Conscious RTS co-developed a new activity. Unlike other real-time technique activities, it can assistance 50 players who were VS50 melee technique, and also has the battle program allows players to compete for a virtual military can Buy MapleStory Mesos energy any area on the planet. In inclusion, the encounter has also signed up with the RPG components, players assume the aspect of the go can be upgraded to different command abilities. At the same time the production team also demonstrated the in-game shop promoting products, you can buy a flat shade and epidermis.

The primary feature of the encounter is that you can develop different types of go program, for example, tank go. You can procedure a lot of damage. The attack go, can not manage such damage, but can outcome a lot of damage; artillery go. It is excellent at long-range strikes. Although the encounter RIFT is more well-known than the encounter, the popularity of the encounter is increased by the components in the encounter such as the projects, pictures. The rift jewelry on the market has drawn more and more players.