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  Net ease has from the general administration

  On the surface, my 60 money is for the other players or is "gold farmers", in return for the fruits of their execute. But the two kinds of people in the encounter because of the need to invest a while and have their own costs. Can't use how lengthy, sixty WOW Gold is in the encounter operator the hands.

With the truth community, gold is only a symbol of exclusive forex, and it can be in the encounter through the execute a number of projects or to be an NPC in the encounter (the gamer character) offer products and be unlimited produced. And as the encounter edition of the ascension, gold growth speed also is accelerating. This is just like the truth of the community in the hair money. So, six decades ago 100 gold can return a 30 Yuan’s factor cards, now of the industry is four or gold items modify one. Especially the encounter before and after revision, this type of modify is more intense.

Net ease has from the general administration of media and publications to arena of war art newest an growth of the examination and approval of the strategy in late July online. This for "gold businessman" is a large danger, also, of course, indicates that opportunity. Now in the encounter has some players in the route aspect in all kinds of content buy cried out of hand-gold will soon depreciation, and because the value of the predicted and Buy MapleStory Mesos the amount collapse of the program, and few players will now willing to use factor cards return of guide . So brilliant way, is trying to hedge-even those who buy the new need has many components and props, perhaps to make a pen.

But I don't want to put this people are known as dishonest trader, because I have already said, I was RMB gamer, I cannot get away from them.